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A Doe Leaps into the Rising Sun - Victor Baez
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Víctor Báez was born in Mexico City, where he spent his childhood and played the piano.  Soon he went to Vienna, where he studied composition and lived several years obtaining composition grants from the Austrian Ministry of Arts and Culture and other institutions, so he could write music.  His music was played in festivals in Europe and Mexico, as well as being broadcast by the Austrian and Mexican radio. He left Europe after getting caught trying to obtain sounds from disgruntled government employees and coming to the realization that Austrian clocks are constantly ticking off tempo. At one point he ran into experimental pop singer Björk in a hardware store in Tokyo.


Victor then succeeded in obtaining a Fulbright scholarship to go to New York and dismantle trombones and various other wind instruments. He now lives there, where he teaches at Manhattan School of Music and spends his free time researching the harmonic series of delayed subway cars, championing collaborative, freestyle beard-microphone improvisations, and drinking tea.

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