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2022-23 Season

Yu-Chun Chien, Twist a Twist (2023)

From "PLOT/TWIST, Part 1"

April 2023

Jack Frerer, what was what? (2023)

From "PLOT/TWIST, Part 1"

April 2023

2021-22 Season

Drake Andersen, The Hard Work of Becoming (2022)

From "The Peace Chronicles, Part 2"

May 2022

Alex Burtzos, What We Wish to Remember of Ourselves (2021)

From "The Peace Chronicles, Part 1"

April 2022

2020-21 Season

ICEBERG New Music x Ayanna Witter Johnson x ShoutHouse

Presented by Carnegie Hill Concerts

May 2021

2019-20 Season

Victor Báez, Etude no. 1, "Corona" (2018)

From The Etudes Project Launch Concert

October 2019

Stephanie Ann Boyd, HYPARTITA (2019)

From "Hypercube Performs ICEBERG"

March 2020

2018-19 Season

Max Grafe, Lalia (2019)

From "Ekmeles Performs ICEBERG"

April 2019

Harry Stafylakis, Flows Obsidian (2019)

From "Contemporaeous performs ICEBERG II"

April 2019

2017-18 Season

Yu-Chun Chien, Trio (2018)

From "Mivos Quartet Performs ICEBERG"

March 2018

Derek Cooper, Phantom Dances (2018)

From "Yarn/Wire Performs ICEBERG"

April 2018

2016-17 Season

Victor Baez, One Last Thing (2017)

From "Contemporaneous Plays ICEBERG I"

April 2017

Jonathan Russ, rLung (2017)

From "loadbang Plays ICEBERG"

May 2017

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